Common Ground Landscape Design

Grow See This: Video Podcast

Minicast-03: The Importance of Being Mulched

Mulching: In our time of needing to be
water wise, and wise with our time, mulching is a great way to keep
soil moist. The trailer diving? Hmmmm, not so sure.

Minicast-02: Hostile Division

This is a short, but sweet instructional video on the hostile division of Hostas. Get comfy, sit back and enjoy, and then...go get dirty.


PS Thanx Baird and Usha and Gary and Alex and Sarah and Emma and Colin(Dillon)

Minicast-01: Permafrost in June

Permafrost in June? It turns out that global warming doesn't effect skids of bagged potting soil

Episode Zero: Off to the dump

This our first podcast, we call it Episode Zero because its primarily meant as a test, We hope you like it.