Common Ground Landscape Design

Alberta, Alberta

Two days after Christmas I unexpectedly found my self in Alberta. A close relative had passed away. Thankfully, it had been a while since I had been to a funeral, and I had forgotten the uplifting side of some one passing, the opportunity to reconnect with so many people I hadn't seen for a very long time. It was really nice to check in.

While I was there, I headed south for a few days and drove down into the foothills of the Rocky Mountains. At 5,000 feet above sea level and straight ahead the mountains just sat there. It felt at times proposterous to do anything else other than stare. The beauty is pretty intense, but I did manage to get in a few games of cribbage, which seems to be the provincial sport. I have included some photographs of this incredible landscape.

I'll give a brief description....The Foothills is a smaller mountain range that boundaries the actual Rocky mountains. When I go to the highest elevation of my friend's place you can really feel the change. The terrain as described sounds a little like this.

Prairie Prairie Prairie, the hill you are sitting on, a valley and then the Rocky Mountains begin. The actual distance of this changing edge environment is only about 10-20 kilometers.

One really cool aspect of this phenomenon are the craggy rocks and trees that dot the foothills. They are a haven for Mule deer, birds, bears and cougars. The wild life is quite incredible. It is also very remote. The human population density is completly over shadowed by the cow population, and the RCMP travel in pick up trucks.

(I Just googled "images" for cougars, and mixed in with the photographs of very beautiful cats, are some fairly ex rated images of very fiesty older woman WWWWwwrrrrrr!)

I love it out here. Enjoy the pictures.The Waldron Flat rd facing west towards the mountains















Waldron Flat Rd facing west.

driving north on hwy 22
















heading north on the Snake Trail.

the long view












In this photograph I am facing north in the valley, with the Rockies on left and the Foothills on my right. As I am driving I noticed that I could not see any houses. Only if you blow up this photograph can you tell that far up on the hill on the right are about 50 cows. For 45 minutes no other cars passed me.Bruce's land















This is the view as I am descending from the Foothills into the valley and I am heading back to Calgary. In the foreground there is a rectangular building. That is the original mill of this Douglas Fir forest on the left. Unfortunately on this trip I couldn't go on one of my famously long walks, there was a mountain lion reported on this property and I definitely prefer my limbs attached and unconsumed. One winter when I was out here, I tobaggoned down this road. It was so much fun!

sunrise over the rockies
















Isn't it gorgeous?!

gorgeous sunrise over the rockies

Stunning! Just a few more to go....

rocky mountain view incredible
















I think this image shows the Foothills I am standing on, the valley below and the Mountains beginning. Pretty cool eh? Often I will be sitting looking out, and there will be tons of storm activity in the valley, but none up here above the clouds, it's amazing.

A mountain goat on the side of a cliff













As you can see I got to see some wildlife just outside of Canmore!

Last picture! Are you ready?close up of the mountains in canmore This is part of the mountain range inside of the town Canmore.















I hope you enjoyed our visit to Alberta.

Stay tuned.

Be well.