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I am Back! Just in Time For Late Spring in Toronto.

Hello Everyone


Where did the time go? It feels like it was just yesterday that it was January. Well you see it all started in January. I got home from Alberta and found out I was pregnant! and the world suddenly became a much more exciting place. I couldn't stop noticing all of the changes in my body, wondering about this new life inside of me. The nausea was something I definitely could have lived with out, but it was for a good cause. I often had intense cravings for oranges and sesame snaps.

I also had an exciting trip to Europe planned! 3 weeks in England and 2 weeks in Greece. I pictured myself blogging my way from Wells-next-on-sea, Norfolk, to the remote Agean island of Chios. The trip was extraordinary, and If I hadn't been SO unbelievably tired I would have made a much greater effort. I couldn't believe how exhausting making another human can be.

At 3 months I lost the baby, and then I didn't feel much like doing anything. Sad was I. Time slowed down and I watched my brain kick into gear as it tried to figure out how I was going to get throught this.

People I know and love, said many profound and wonderful words, but I couldn't help feeling like I was in a Charlie Brown movie, and all I could hear was WHA WHA, WHA WHA WHA WHA.

I soon realized that I was on my own, and thus became my own search for the ways that genuinely keep me truly happy and grateful.

Here is that list. The garbage man



I live on farm land on the very outskirts of Toronto. Very often cheap and lazy Torontonians who can't be bothered to wait in line at the dump feel free to throw their garbage at the side of the road. My street this past winter had 6 separate dump sites and my street is only 200 feet long! So who is this man in the picture? He's just a guy. Just a guy who thinks that every Spring he should go out and clean up other people's stupid messes. No one pays him, and in his trailer he has an organized system of separating the recycling from the garbage. I rolled down the window this day and told him "on this day you are my hero! can I write about you in my blog?" "sure" he said, and I drove off. This man's selflessness makes me very happy.


alexis sticking her tounge out

This is my niece. She reminds me of a garden gnome. She talks out loud to herself and says the funniest things. She is 10 and showing significant signs of becoming quite eccentric. I listen to her as she can recall past conversations almost verbatum, and knows where all of the family's lost things are. She is so super smart. When I think about her and her vast wide open future, this makes me happy.



Oak tree in the shape of a dinosaur




This is a lone country road in Norfolk, England. My husband and I were driving around a bend and there it was! T-REX waiting to swallow our car. How cool is that? It is a dead Oak tree, that has Ivy tangled all over
it, and this is the shape that occured. Nature makes me happy, funny
anomolies in nature.

This would be a good time to point out that there is only one lane to drive on? if some one comes towards us in the opposite direction, where do we go? the sides are banked up about 6 inches of soil! I am convinced that the English road system is what originally caused the British people to be so polite. Constant travel on roads where one has to wait for the other to pass. This makes for a very patient disposition, or at least the appearance of one. Thinking silly hypothetical thoughts makes me happy.

Gary taking a photo


This is my husband, he definitely makes me happy. He also has a way better camera than I do, and I love that he never gets impatient when I ask him, please take a picture of this? he never says "what do you want a picture of that for?" he just takes his time and takes the best picture he can. He has a lovely sense of humour, sometimes he is so funny that I can't even laugh my funny bone just vibrates. Know what else? he got a degree in astro physics just for fun!


annabel and John wearing foliage





Silly moments!













An empty urnFull urn with a hydrangea plant




Being creative. Taking nothing, and creating something beautiful.










What makes you happy?