Common Ground Landscape Design

New York

I must admit that I was reluctant to leave Martha's Vineyard. As much as I love the Big Apple I was seriously enjoying the ocean, bike rides, the clean air and the utter remoteness.

a busy new york city street
Off we went for another kind of adventure and as you can see from this picture to achieve remoteness in New York City, it is of the inner kind. We arrived somewhere around 10:00 pm, got lost a bunch of times and then finally found our friends in Harlem. After we unloaded our gear, and with sense of humour in tact, we went out to navigate and conquer a parking space. Try parking a full size pick-up truck in Manhatten! After 30 minutes of searching we finally found one on the street, GOLD! Who knew that an empty 12' long and 6' wide piece of asphalt could create so much joy? It was then I was told about the 8 am to 10 am rules about shifting parking spaces. I won't bore you with the details, but like most large cities where you can pay some one to do anything, there are those who's sole job it is to find parking spaces for car owners!

What I love about New York is the incongruousness of daily life. In amongst the severity of concrete we found this wee bladeBlades of grass in concrete of grass trying so hard to make it in the big city. I had to stop and admire its strength amongst all of the city's other floating detritus. "Grow little blade of grass, grow".







There were so many cool things that we saw, like this Star Wars mail box.

R2D2 star wars mailbox in Manhatten















And this beautiful Rosa Rugosa that we were so happy to see blooming at the beginning of November. I am not sure if this is funny, but as Gary said to all of his friends "If this gorgeous weather is the effect of global warming...Hummers for everyone!" Me smelling a rosa rugosa






The night life was amazing and after a lovely Italian dinner we went to see Blue Man Group. Gary took this great photo ofMe and an actor from Blue man group me and one of the actors.













Even the way stores advertise is so amazing. Visually the way this the neon sign moves along the sidewalk as well as along the wall is so well done. the cool neon signs in New York Cityend of the day...I can't remember what the name of the store was.










the brroklyn bridge
I think my favorite picture of New York is this one. Here are my two good friends Gary and Gary on top of the Brooklyn Bridge. The wind was howling around me, the traffic was flowing below me and about a dozen monks in saffron robes had just passed me and smiled and waved. The sun was shining, and it was a beautiful day to be alive.