Common Ground Landscape Design


How and where feel like similar questions to me, mainly because of how mobile I am. I love it when my customers ask me “where are you located?” and I point to my truck and the cell phone in my hand. Right now I have a desk top computer and I will soon need a laptop. I could never figure out what to do about needing to print something. Is there such a thing as a portable printer? hhmmmm.

 Starting with the technical aspects of “how” here is a list of what we are using for our base of operations.

  • Website

    • Drupal content management system

  • Video

    • Panasonic AG-DVC30

  • Stills photography

    • Konica Minolta DiMage X50

    • Canon S2-1S

    • 35mm single use cameras-many!

  • Editing

    • Sony Vegas PlatinumV7

    • Apple Quicktime 7

    • Picassa

  • Photo storage

    • Flickr

  • Trucks

    • Ford F-150

    • Mazda B3000

  • Attitude

    • Serious amounts of enthusiasm, and a burning drive to share information.

For questions of a digital nature, you can contact my outrageously talented PDA Gary at It was recently said about Gary from a friend in jest, that on the Google page it should read "Google search" "I am feeling lucky" "Go ask Gary"!

For the week of Wednesday March 7/07 This site will be under constuction or more acurately stated, creation. In a few days the standard headers that display this site, will transform into the web site I have been dreaming about. Elegant, edgy and simple all in one. I feel I must tell you about my web guy and graphic artist Steve Huntriss . From the moment I met him I knew it would be a good fit. His Australian good-natured-laid-back-ness belies his keen sense of esthetics. Thanks for all of your hard work and the easy way we collaborated, I can't wait for the "reveal". 

 If at any time, you have an idea that would improve this site, Please, don't hesitate to mention it.