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Hi everyone

Curb Appeal

A few weeks ago we were working in a garden in North York, when I got a call from one of my customers in Vaughn/Thornhill. She told me excitedly that when she came home the other day there was a sign in her garden. It seems that the City of Vaugh thought her garden had curb appeal! How nice is that? and, I really like this garden that we created. There were some trees already here (the upright Beech tree and the Globe Blue Spruce Standard) when we came on the scene to spice things up, and I think that we definitely enlivened this front garden.

Animals With a Sense of Humour

Shades of red

green beef steak tomatoes
I love tomatoes. I don't think I said that with enough conviction. I REALLY REALLY LOVE TOMATOES! In my garden I have 12 different varieties, 3 of which I grew from seed, and I am very proud of them. Beefstake, Red Current and Red Pear.

Missing Mycological Magic

About 2 years ago when I moved into my little spot of Heaven, it was around this time of year. I had been working so much that I hadn't really had the time to walk about and get to know the forest around me. I was out for all of 3 minutes when I came across a gold mine of Puffball mush rooms. It looked like little moons on the surface of Earth. I went wild with excitement, and with no exaggeration there were about 20 of them. The biggest one was bigger than a basket ball. Check out the photo below.

Seasons of My Gardens

The Smallest Garden

the plunging pool
What sort of garden do you design when you have a space of 5x5? That was our challenge in this tiny little pocket garden in downtown Toronto. The house is built in an alley way allotment and the entire back yard is 20X5. The largest challenge was bringing all of the materials, soil, pea stone plants and rocks through the house to the backyard with out dropping anything, or making an enormous mess.



Scented Hostas

It's Volunteer Time!

Well it's that time of year, where I cannot deny the sun is setting earlier in the sky. ....sigh...Already a few evenings this month have been down right chilly.

Good Bye Dillon!